Again fail to score chances at your own peril.

Fulham FC

Sidwell 85, Zamora 90+2

2 - 1


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Arsenal FC

Koscielny 21

Consider this: Over the course of the season so far, we have created 17 more chances than Manchester did. Yet they have scored 13 more goals. How then are we supposed to win games if we can’t score goals when the opportunity comes. 274 chances to reap 36 goals than means we waste 87% of chances, this really pisses me of. We go on and on about defending, defenders, injuries, but the real problem is waste, profligacy, discomposure, lack of confidence in front of goal.

Unlike previous campaigns, I have much more confidence in this Arsenal to hold on to a lead, the usual heart-in-mouth feeling at corners or freekicks have abated this season. I’m in no way saying we don’t have problems in defence, but it surely has improved. What have not and has probably gotten worse is our ability to score goals.

Gervihno. When has a player ever been so good and so bad at the same time. I’m talking about in the same play go beautifully past 2 or 3 players and the being scared to take a friggin’ shot. How many time do we see this guy look to pass instead of shooting the ball. I know some may claim that this is an “Arsenal” trait, I know that they are told to look for the pass, but I highly doubt that when the shot is on Wenger tells them don’t take it.

Theo. As for yesterday’s game I’ve read that he was very ill at Christmas and lost a lot of weight and strength. Still not at 100% he was asked to play against Fulham, OK. So what is the excuse for a 6% chance conversion, 6 bloody percent, and I’m hearing shit about wanting to be a striker! What kind of striker wastes 94% of chances, more than 9 in 10? Walcott does a lot of good things, and has improved tremendously this season, but 6%?

So that’s our main forwards. I’m not even going to bother with Arshavin, or Rosick√Ĺ. What I’d like to see is some contribution from Ramsey, Song, and Arteta . Maybe I’m expecting too much when I say that 7 goals is not enough from the midfield trio. Song and Arteta get less chances, but when is Ramsey going to learn to shoot? he has the timing to get into the box at the right time but severely lacking is the composure(6%) to get a shot on target.

Of course when referees fail to give blatant penalties, award fouls against your for non existent infringements, and your defence consists of 3 centre backs and a midfielder then chances are things will hardly go your way. Making it even more important to put away chances when they arrive, that way you have a cushion for when things inevitably go against you.

That is all.

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