Arsenal still on form.

Manchester United


1 - 0

Ht: 1-0
Ref: Webb

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The Arsenal

Yep, Fergie plays 4-5-1, yep we get plenty of possesion, yep Arsenal fail to break down the defence, concede a fluke/brilliant goal, and once again lose to United as we’ve done in the last so many games I can’t keep count. Once again we’ve failed to turn up against our closest rivals

Tech-9 beaten by a preposterous Park header/deflection

So what happened?

Nothing really, both sides were shit, both contrived to give away the ball as often as they could without it looking too unprofessional, United simply edged it and 1-0 was no more or less than they deserved. Truth be told if that was between two mid-table teams we would be lamenting the shoddy football displayed last night. —no advert for the premier league that was.

United looked there for the taking, and Fergie tactics showed (rightly or not) that he was more concerned about not losing to Arsenal than going out for the win. Yet for all the talk about, learning lessons, maturity, mental strength and such, it was just that, talk. From the start you could sense the nervousness in the team, and once the passes started going astray, you knew it was going to be one of those nights.

Can The Arsenal win the league?

Of course we can, but unless we win one of those big games, unless we get through that mental block, what runners call the wall, we won’t win the title. In terms of talent, only Man. City can boast a stronger squad, however talent can only get you so far. I won’t say we don’t have that fabled mental strength, what we have is a mental block in those Chelsea, United games.

One win, one good win over either of those teams and you’ll see a marked change in the team, sadly we still await that win.

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Was there anything good we can hang on to?

Szczeşny. Being handed a debut in one of the biggest games on the calendar, is not easy to handle. Szczęsny’s kicking showed signs of the nervoursness expected under that situation, overall he showed that there’s at least one player who’s bark matches his bite. Fabiański took his chance when Almunia got injured, and Wojciech did enough to underline his status as the future number 1.

Koscielny, was back to the player that got us excited in the early season. Dealt with Rooney competently and was excellent in the air, losing only once in the entire game. Squillaci wasn’t bad either.

We are still only 2 points behind the leaders, who have a tough match against Chelsea. Win at Stoke and any points dropped by United puts us back top on points. We are not there yet but the inconsistency of those around us allows us to write off that loss with no damage to the title aspiration —in numerical terms.


Five games have already been lost yet we are still second, we are fortunate in that we tend not to draw much. Losing half your games is always better than drawing all. The Arsenal has been able to bounce back quicky this term, as long as we can do that against the next team I can cope with last night’s defeat.

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