Borusia Dortmund Arsenal, a twitter review

B-V Borussia

Robin van Persie (42)

1 - 1

Ref: Rocchi

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Arsenal FC

Ivan Perišić (88)

I haven’t been writing much on here because of a mixture of changed personal circumstances, time, and —if I’m really honest— laziness. However I do spend time on twitter because of it’s immediacy and mobility. So instead of giving you my biased thoughts on the game, I’m going to use the power of my twitter timeline—which may also be biased—to give you the instant twitter reaction to the game.

The prevailing mood was contentment with the point, an acceptance that BVB were better on the night:

Proud of the boys tonight. Defended very well, worked hard but that strike was top draw. I would have taken a draw beforehand.
Draw away from home wiv team that never played together against German champs not bad. Helluva goal against. We will win this group IMO
Slightly cruel with the lateness of the goal but they deserved something, I guess. I’ll take 1-1.

Ivan Perišić scores a once in a lifetime goal? Or Arsenal concedes their usual screamer from a loose header.

There was a bit of lamentation on the way and time Dortmund equalised, most accepted that it was a once in a lifetime strike. The goalsocorer Ivan Perišić himself admitted that he’s never done that before, and probably never will again. Though some voices queried the lack of personnel defending the edge of the box, noting that we have a record of conceding that type of goal:

Not that scoreline flattered Borussia, but fuck me: Danny Rose, Toite, & now Peresic, all almost identical once in a lifetime heartsinkers!
So typical of us to concede those kind of goals, like the one from tiote vs newcastle last year.
Not to sound a pessimist but it’s an inevitability if Arsenal defend with all inside their box.
If there’s no one there for the second ball those kinds of opportunities are invited aren’t they?

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The defence won praise, notably Szczesny, Koscielny and the second half Song, especially in light of the movement and work ethic of BVB. Whilst at the other end there is concern about the dullness and underwhelming mobility:

Meh. Kos and Song were outstanding in 2nd half. Szczesny awesome as usual, good defending from the boys. Non existent offensively.
Arsenal clearly set up conservatively, got the goal they wanted, and did very well to defend the lead. Great strike from Snake Perisic
Mertesacker was outstanding tonight. Not ever have I felt this safe with high balls. Song was MOTM though. Götze was brilliant for BVB
Rarely seen Alex Song play as well as that 2nd half. Model of the modern defensive midfielder. Tackling, breaking up play etc.
I agree. [Song]stayed on his feet too. mature performance. thought Laurent Kosienly was superb too. Was everywhere.
Sagna’s the best right back in the premier league, fuck anyone that tries to tell me otherwise. Such a consistent hard working player.

Outside of the game, we commented on UEFA’s treatment of Arsène, Barcelona’s Cesc effect and praise for the ref:

how ridiculous for Arsene Wenger not to be allowed to go to the dressing room after the game is over UEFA = power crazy
Barca starting to rack up the injuries – Sanchez out for 2 months – Iniesta now out for 1 month
German press on The Ref. Error-free performance, saw little things big and small, also with a nice body language – how it’s done. true

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