Go Big or Go Home!

As we come to the close of the transfer window, it’s becoming more obvious that Arsenal will not sign that big player to push on for the title. Whereas that fact will induce much wailing & gnashing of teeth in some sectors of goonerdom, I put forward that Arsenal has done the right thing.

Of course we would all like to see Arsenal go out and do whatever it takes to bring in that missing piece to power us to a 1st championship in eons. However unless you are the likes of money is no object Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain then adding that missing piece is much easier said than done.

Let’s get the Elephant out of the room

Draxler was never going to be that missing piece!

That should be obvious, but if it isn’t here’s a list of why he isn’t:

  1. He’s a young man moving to a new team, in a new country, in a new league. At best he would either…
    1. Hit the ground running then fade out
    2. Take time to adjust to his surroundings
    3. Be erratic & inconsistent
  2. He’s not a direct replacement for Walcott, which is what we are probably missing the most.
  3. He is not a goalscorer, which is what we are probably missing the most.
  4. He is too expensive. This is a serious point of contention.

    I know we have the money, but there must be a point when you look at a player and saying I’m not paying THAT much for him. Draxler would most likely be a sound investment, but £36m? Seriously?

    Most transfers are risky, no matter how a player is currently performing, there are so much that can affect his performance in new surroundings. Especially a young man, leaving his comfortable patch for the 1st time.

So now we’re clear on Draxler, here’s some more fat to chew on.

Spunk the money because we will never have a better chance to win something?

Absolute and utter tosh!

I’m not going to bother with the semantics of that statement. but how about this.

The chances of Arsenal winning something is significantly better that the recent past, but it is still a slim chance.

Have you seen City? I mean seriously? Do you really think that between now and the end of the season Manchester City will drop more points than Arsenal?

Continues after ad…

So much money do you think we have to spend to drop less points than the Blue Juggernaut?

So far you have to admit we’ve been a little lucky to be top of the league. I’m not saying that we haven’t earned our points, of course we have. We’ve worked pretty damned hard to have those points. The luck I refer to here is those points City dropped. Given their form, squad depth, & talent, do we really think they’re going to drop points to Cardiff? To Sunderland?

I’m not advocating that we pack it in but i’s back to my previous point on Draxler. Their are not many players that you can push the boat out to guarantee a title tilt.

Yes there are players that can improve us, but if you’re going all in you’d better be talking about Messi or Ronaldo—admittedly an exaggeration—but I don’t see a point in paying over the odds for a marginal improvement.

Go big or Go home!

Given the injury to Ramsey, suspensions & other niggles, the best we can hope for at this eleventh hour is a loan of an experienced body who can "do a job". Unless we are going to splurge enough money to tempt a superstar.

Far from being upset about not landing Draxler, what bothers me is that we haven’t been able to get a few temporary bodies in.

I have no illusions about winning the league, as far as I’m concerned it’s more dependent on what City does than how much we spend. The aim is to win as much as we can against the bottom 16, and let the results amongst the top 4 fall in place. Hope for our rivals to drop points. If we’re lucky then we will be there or near come May.

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