Goalkeepers end Arsenal title hopes.

When W.B.A scored their second goal on the weekend Arsenal fans finally conceded that the title race is over. We are still within touching distance but our goalkeepers or lack thereof means that we won’t touch it and the blame for our situation lies squarely on the shoulders of Wenger and his arrogance.

For all his genius, one quality that Wenger lacks is the prescience that every man and his dog is blessed with, case in point the current goalkeeping fiasco. Everyone knows that at some point we would have to depend on our third or fourth keeper, so why a so called genuis couldn’t forsee injuries to his starting and backup keepers is beyond comprehension.

What is more unforgivable is that, he had the money to buy a new keeper yet decided against it for no apparent reason than to save a few bucks. Even if we agree that we have one of the best young keepers around in Szczȩsny and a fine backup in Fabiański or vice versa it is important that the third goalkeeper is not a dud. Just look at the depth of the title contenders in the goalkeeping position

  • Chelsea – Ross Turnbull
  • United – Anders lindgard, Ben Amos
  • City – Gunnar Nielsen, Stuart Taylor
  • Spurs – Stipe Pletikosa

All are infinitely better than Manuel Almunia and Jens Lehman. It is nothing short of negligence for Arsène to have put The Arsenal in this situation, utter madness. We could have spent £18m on Hugo Lloris who would never make silly mistakes like Almunia, and is especially strong on corners where we let in many goals.

Or £15m on Manuel Neuer who would never get beaten by a long punt again like the Spanish Manuel does so often…

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But no, because of the man’s arrogance the title race is now out of our hands, a full five points behind United and with Chelsea now gathering momentum we’d be lucky to finish 2nd. Although we were predicted to drop out of the top 4 contemplating a third place finish is unbearable, it’s just not acceptable for a club as big as Arsenal, especially as our rival neighbours are in the Champions league quarter finals.

We all knew that our keepers would get injured as is always the case year after year, we cannot afford to have just 1 solid backup in such an important position. To win the trophies we deserve we need, at a minimum, 2 world class players in every position on the pitch and 3 world class goalkeepers to cover for injuries.

All good things must come to an end and if Wenger can’t these simple problems then I’m afraid his time at the helm of The Arsenal has come to shuddering halt.


  1. fourstar

    Whilst I understand the points you are endeavouring to make, the title race is NOT out of our hands. Winning the game in hand reduces the gap to 2 points. Beating United at home then takes us a point clear of them. After that, we have the same number of games to play in the run-in. I’m not saying it WILL happen (it’s unlikely, at best) but mathematically it is still in fact under our control.

  2. NaphTor

    I understand what you’re saying, and yours is a point well made – particularly hit home by the contenders’ squads. That said, I do definitely feel the whole Almunia / no. 1 situation has been handled badly by Wenger in recent times, particularly after the summer. I’m far from advocating we shuld bring someone in – I like what I’ve seen of Szceszny (sp?) – but still the way we conceded for WBA’s second was comical without being funny. Every team has bad luck, every player makes mistakes, but just off the top of my head I can think of three (Fab vs Porto, Fab vs Stoke, Al vs WBA). I struggle to remember more than one for Van der sar, Cech, Reina in the same period of time. I know that’s not very helpful in that it doesn’t suggest a solution at all, but sometimes the first step is just taking a long hard look at what the problem is. Anyway, nice blog.

  3. carlos

    “I understand what you’re saying, and yours is a point well made – particularly hit home by the contenders’ squads.”


    We need a sarcasm detector in here!

  4. DeeRexBox

    You make a good point…it IS stupid in hindsight that another keeper wasn’t brought in. But w/ a game at home against United, and a favorable schedule the rest of the way (especially considering MUFC/CFC/THF are still alive in other competitions) the Title race isn’t over. It’s a huge stuble, but to say its over is unfair. That’s probably the last thing any Arsenal player wants to hear. Good read, but I’m afraid that’s unfair.

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