Nicklas Bendtner to lead Arsenal to glory.

Now that the injury omen has hit, again, it’s time for the rest of the squad to show what they’re made of. Without Robin van Persie to lead the line, I’m putting my faith in Nicklas Bendtner to see is through the upcoming fixtures.

Nicklas or Marouane, who is going to fill van Persie's shoes

I read an article somewhere recently which sought to statistically prove that Bendtner is the best striker in europe, sadly I can’t find it this morning. I’m not even sure if the point was well made, or accurate, but I do remember revolving around goals per minute goals per minute.

Sure Bendtner is not as good as he thinks he is — although he never did say he is the best in the world, merely that his goal is to be the best in the world. We never do let the facts get in the way, do we? — but he isn’t as bad as some of us make him out to be.

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Now I have to confess my admiration for the lad, I love his gumption. His confidence is something that should be bottled and distributed to some of the other squad members. Yes I’m looking at you Chamakh, you’re just a tad too timid for my liking. Strikers should be arrogant, greedy, and have a supreme belief that they can score at all times. Even if they’ve missed the previous 10 attempts.

This season he has 12 goals from 13 starts which is much better than I imagined before looking it up. Going back further he had 12 goals last season, the same as Arshavin who played 11 games more than Bendtner, second only to Fàbregas both of whom played much more games that the big Dane, maybe he’s not so deluded after all.

There is this peculiar trait most of us have that tend make us dislike braggadocio, we hate the gum chewing, the nonchalance, and the lack of concern he shows when he misses or loses the ball, but if we look past the cosmetic faults we’ll find tangible results.

How many times has he come through for us, snatching a last minute goal when things are dire. He doesn’t just score against minnows like Leyton Orient, he does it against the biggest teams in the world. Who was it that kept us hanging around in the title race when RvP was nursing his ankle?

Now that van Persie is out for the next 4 weeks, I’d much rather turn to Nicklas Bendtner in this time of need than any of the other strikers in the squad. Now is not the time for the meek, now is the time for men to stand up and show some balls and no one in the squad has a bigger set than Super Nicky B.

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