Protests, self interest and the Arsenal

I have a confession to make! This season I have not yet put money towards the support of Arsenal. Now I’m not a season ticket holder, I’m just a red member who was on the season’s ticket waiting list. My financial support usually extends to my red membership, waiting list fees and about 7 home games maybe more depending on our cup runs, and some Arsenal branded merchandise. So it’s not a big contribution as most fans.

The reason I’ve not done any of this yet is because I’m waiting to see what kind of investment management1 decides to make into the playing staff. With the events of this weekend and the reaction of fans, fan groups etc. I wondered what is the best way to make our voices be heard.

It seems obvious to me that an organization that is guided by the bottom line, as long as bums are in seats then everything is honkey dory. Management does not give a shit about letter writing by various fans clubs, as long as bums are in seats.

However,what would happen if fans stayed away? More pertinently would fans choose to stay away.

I still love my club and must support the boys

The main argument about boycotting matchday is that the players need the support. I think that is bullshit! We—and by we, I mean matchday fans—are happy to boo those players when they under perform, yet when it comes to making a real statement to the management you use those same boys as a excuse not to.

Most of us are simply too selfish. If we are really unhappy with the way the club is run then the only way the management is going to pay attention is if you don’t show up. You and I know it will only take 1 game to scare these people into action? But what do we do? Moan on twitter, moan on blogs, moan on call in shows, moan, moan, moan. Just don’t go. If you are really so pissed off why do you continue with the aggravation?

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Me I’m waiting. There’s still time left in the transfer window for management to invest in the playing squad. If that happens then I’ll go to some matches, otherwise I’ll stay home. Not that it make one bit of a difference anyway, but what else can I do.

Who are these people complaining about ticket prices?

I’m going to make this short. If you think the ticket prices are too high, don’t buy them. If you do buy them then that gives you less of a reason to complain. Don’t even give me the loyal supporter nonsense. There are other ways to support the club without have to buy a ticket.

You and I know that those tickets represent market value, otherwise enough people would not buy tickets to force a price reduction. The reason it’s that high is because there is a demand for it, you want to go you pay the price.

Do you think Bundesliga fans are less supportive of their clubs than Premier league fans? Yet when clubs try to increase prices what do you think happens? Fans refuse to pay? We perpetuate those prices so don’t complain.

Anyway that’s just my rant. I’ve long abandoned this blog, but I felt this was to long for twitter. If you didn’t get here via twitter then I’m @dfunkydog feel free to follow or not.

If you think I’m full of shit feel free to let me know.

1.By management I mean Owner, board and manager. They’re all in cahoots

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