RvP – Remarkable, Virtuosic, a Premium striker.

Arsenal Fc

Robin van Persie(21, 58, 85)

3 - 0

HT (1-0)
ATT: 59,592

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Wigan Athletic

Robin van Persie Clap clap clap clap clap. I know the chant de jour is Nasri’s, but by jove, hearing the crowd chant for RvP thouroughly warms my cockles. The guy is pure class, it’s amazing that he had not scored a hat-trick for Arsenal before this game and when he blazed that penalty into row Z it was easy to think that the hat-trick would have to wait another game.

Rvp takes his tally to 6 this season, that's starts and goals.

In the end he was tee’d up by Theo to get that third goal. It’s not just the goals that matter though, the joy van Persie plays with is a marked change from the guy that’s just recovering from injury. There’s no diffidence in his play, he simply goes out there and does what he knows he can do without a worry. Six goals in six games shows just that.

Another player on his way back from injury is Fàbregas. Earlier in the season he looked a player out of sorts. The media was quick to put that down to his mind being at Barcelona. The player himself cited niggling injuries and a worry over his hamstring as the reason for his below par performances. Now that Cesc is also getting over his world cup hangover we can looking forward to exquisite wengerball much like the combination for that second goal.

It’s not only Cesc and RvP, there has always been a bit of trepidation when it comes to the fixture congestion in January – February and whilst we are still in all 4 competitions fatigue can cause injury and injury has wrecked our seasons in the past few years. This time around the injury jinx has given us a little break —I am worried that by writing this I’ll piss off the injury gods, but here goes— and being able to rotate the squad keeps the fatigue monster at bay. The relative quiet in the physioroom bodes well for our title run in.

Having just had a look at the injury tables, I am surprised that we are 2nd in term of the number of players injured. I am surprised by that. I keep hearing of teams blaming injuries —especially that moving-to-strattford lot— but the tables show exactly why you shouldn’t believe everything you hear, anyway I digress…

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While there is a lot to be happy about, as an Arsenal fan there will always be the questions. What’s happening with the little Russian? Where’s that new Centre Back? Why do why wast so many chances? All legitimate questions, but I’d rather revel in the positive. So instead this morning I’m thinking, damn that pass from Song to Cesc for the penalty was lush, Arshavin still better than Rooney, man we create lots of chances, if we were to play Barça today we’d spank those fuckers.

Suffice to sat I’m feeling great this morning.

In other news, Arsenal sent scouts to the hearts Rangers game on Saturday, and although the scouts could be looking at any one of the 22 players on display, presumably they were there to watch Allan McGregor the 29 year old Rangers goalkeeper. Although they could have been looking at a Centre Back but who knows?

And finally apparently Arsène has admitted to having talks with a view to signing Southampton starlet Alexander Mark David Oxlade-Chamberlain, phew.

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