Solving the Arsenal defensive problems.

We know it, the manager knows it, the players know it, and the opposition knows it. Arsenal cannot defend, so what will Arsène is going to do about it?. Well according to Le Boss he’s not really worried about that, but what does he know eh?

I suspect that Wenger is using some clever reverse psychology Jedi mind trick to fool opponents into attacking us leaving their own defence open to our impressive attacking options. That, or he simply feels we have enough firepower to score 1 more than the opposition. It works for that lot up the road so why not?

Our defence isn’t as bad as some might want you to think. There’s this impression that once the opposition scores then panic ensues amongst the players, we crumble 1 leads to 2 and the next thing you know we’ve lost. It happened against Shakhtar and we repeated the feat against our neighbours then lost to Braga, since then we’ve been agonising over our defence.

So what? Why should we unduly worry ourselves about our defence? I am more worried about our failure to convert more of the chances we create. It’s simple if we had taken those chances then conversations about the defence would never happen.

We had more than enough chances to score 4 against Sp*rs, had we put away those chances no one would be questioning the defence. Against Fulham we should have been at least 3 up before they scored. Yet we here are tormented over the state of the defence. I do wonder if the panic we talk about on the pitch really exist, or is it just us fans who have no trust in our boys to score that extra goal.

Witness the Villa game, we were 2 nil up when the scored, panic ensues among the fans whilst the guys on the pitch simply go out and score another. At 3-2 fans screaming at players to take it to the corner flag, when the better option was to score another, which we eventually did.

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If we think that it’s not possible to improve the defence then the best option is to put on the shooting boots and score as many as we can. No one is questioning the defence of Borussia Dortmund because the simply go out and score as many as they can, forcing the opposition to retreat into their defensive zone in order to prevent Dortmund from scoring too much.

I’m no tactical expert but it seems to me that the Dortmund model can work, even if we lose 1 or 2 games when we can’t find the back of the net. Losing one or two games is better than drawing four games. It may give the impression that you keep it tight and all that, but you can’t win if you don’t score.

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  1. Mikael

    If they have Djorou and Schesny(or how it is spelled)The defend
    is World class…with vearmelan and Shea not that good……….