Top of the league counts for nothing.

Arsenal FC


2 - 1

Ref: Foy
Att: 60,049

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Fulham FC


Arsenal are in danger of becoming a one man team, as Nasri took it upon himself to send Fulham back to their cottage with a scintillating display of dribbling skills and close control. Yet it only goes to show that we still depend on one or two players to scrape past relegation fodder like Fulham.

Samir Nasri turning Arsenal into a one man show.

Unlike the Chelsea or Manchester United who has a squad of top top players in all areas of the pitch, with Fàbregas out Arsenal are totally dependent on the form of Nasri to get point. And we all know that form is temporary but does he have the class?

Witness Fulham’s equaliser, have you ever seen to central defenders with such poor communication that they clash heads going or the same ball, comedy defending, that’s not a top-of-the-league defence more like a Sunday League defence. After the clash of heads Koscielny was staggering around like a drunkard instead of defending until the play is stopped. Would Carragher done that? I don’t think so!

We should look at how Chelsea or Man united defend, they don’t let in silly goals, they don’t throw away leads, they know how to defend. And even on the odd occasion that their defense is breached they have in van der Sar and Cech world class goalkeepers that win points, not make howlers and throw away points.

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How can we expect to win the league with Flappyhandski, or Manuel the waiter, they are just accidents waiting to happen. Unless Wenger splashes the cash in January and get a proper goalkeeper like Shay Given we will always flatter to deceive.

18 Goals conceded in 16 games is definitely not championship winning form, you don’t see champions letting in so many goals. We need some strong leader to steady the team especially when the opposition scores. If we had someone like JT, a real leader of men, then maybe we would have a chance.

Whenever the opposition scores you can see the mental frailties of the team come to the fore. Heads go down, passes are misplaced, and you just know they are going to blow it. How many times you see it happen to us? Winning a game comfortably and once the opposition score we go on to drop valuable points, we’ve lost so many points from a winning position it’s laughable.

We still need a good holding midfielder to protect that dodgy defence because Song is not up to the task, and Denilson is not an Arsenal player. Again if Wenger wants to keep his job, then those issues MUST be sorted in the January transfer window.

Top of the league just because the competition has had more injuries than the Arsenal, once the other teams work out their fitness issues, once Lampard Terry and Essien are back (I know Terry and Essien played against Everton, but they still not fully fit) then we will see the proper tables. These teams(United, Chelsea, Man City) are playing well below their ability and have a lot of room for improvement, whereas we cannot play much better than we are right now. Once they start clicking then we will be in real trouble.

Go on celebrate being top of the league in December, but we all know that it’s premature. I will only be happy if we’re top of the league at the end of the season, there is a long time to go.

just in case it escaped you, this post is made up entirely of comments from cup half empty Arsenal fans around the interweb and on the airwaves. It is not a reflection of @wengerball position.


  1. @dfunkydog

    Sometimes I wonder if these people are actually Arsenal fans. It’s as if the can’t bring themselves to support the team although that’s their main purpose as “fans.”

    It’s like as if other teams have no right to score against us, if they do it’s always because our defence is shit. No other title contender would allow the opposition to score —right?

  2. Nick

    Brilliant! Though I must say I thought you’d flipped, and almost didn’t read through to the italicized disclaimer.

    How can you support a team and hate the players? Its a team!

    Here we are watching the emergence of perhaps the most important player to Arsenal since TH14, and people come up with this crap?

    How come these “fans” or “supporters” act like jock straps? They give all credit to ManU and Chelsea, and none to Arsenal. Its a wonder they don’t rate Spurs a chance to win the title? Just ridiculous.

  3. zulu gooner

    occasional fans some of these twits might be but they are not true arsenal supporters. keep up the good work wengerball man!