Van Persie makes up for the Cringeworthy Gervais.

Norwich City FC


1 - 2

Ref: Dowd

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Arsenal FC

Van Persie (26, 59)

Another game, another win. The Arsenal machine keeps steaming on. Wining on the road is not something we’ve done too often in the Premier league, before the Chelsea game we had won once in 11 attempts. The Norwich win made it 2 in a row.

It ended with a win but for a long period it did look like it would be “one of those days”. Arsenal created enough chances in the 1st 15 minutes to be up 3-0 yet it was Norwich City who opened the scoring.

Mertesacker would be the villain of the piece, but there is an argument for a foul on Morison. The German could — and should — have acted more decisively, but too often in the Premier League players get away with foul play. One hand on your shoulder and the other around your neck would pretty much impede the progress of any but the strongest players.

In any case a hefty boot would have done the job, a simple action that Per failed to perform ultimately cost us a goal. Fingers will be pointed to a soft Arsenal defence, but apart from that one lapse the defence did their job quite well.

The defence wasn’t what would keep us from beating Norwich City. It was the finishing coupled with that pesky Russell Martin, who seemed to find himself in the way of every goal-bound Arsenal shot.

Norwich’s cause was also helped by the wasteful Gervihno. The Ivorian is quite adept at getting into dangerous positions, but his erratic finishing must improve in order to take the scoring weight off Van Persie. Gervais at one point rounded the Norwich keeper yet contrived to pass the ball straight back into his hands.

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Gervihno rounds the keeper... or has he?

Even when we got the opening goal Gervinho’s wasteful exorbitance was in the forefront. Walcott — My man of the match, his best game in a long time — hit a low ball across the face of goal Gervihno was in line to score, yet instead of tapping the ball in he tried to do a fancy flick which he completely missed only for Van Persie to show him how it’s done.

Arsenal second goal was also a case of RvP showing Gervais — who had earlier fluffed a 1 on 1 chance —  how a world class player should score a goal when one v one with the goalie. We all know how much RvP is in the zone right now, what I am worried about is how much we rely on the Dutchman.

Robin is on par with Messi, Ronaldo, and Gomez in terms of scoring in the league. The startling thing is that he has scored 52% of Arsenal’s league goals. Compared to Ronaldo(33%) or Messi(42%), that is quite a worrying stat especially when you take Van Persie’s fitness record into consideration.

Arsenal do create a lot of chances, but we need someone other than RvP to convert them. hopefully we will cross that bridge when it arrives.

In the meantime we enjoy our run and look forward to the Champions League clash with Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday.

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