Yossi Why he should be ahead of Arshavin

Aston Villa


1 - 2

Ref: Moss

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Arsenal FC

Robin van Persie(17pen), Benayoun(87)

Yossi Benayoun has always been a player I hated, not hated as in I despise the guy or something. I hated him simply because I thought he was a good little player that always seemed to give us a hard time when he played against us.

When I heard the news that we signed him on loan, I don’t think there was an Arsenal fan who was happier than I was. Yes he is older than the norm for an Arsenal player, a bit lightweight, and he surely wouldn’t be a starter.

Yossi provides the winning edge.

What he is is a skillful player that can really boost a team coming of the bench against more tired legs. What he did last night was typical of the super sub role. Coming of the bench to secure a win against Aston Villa with an atypical Arsenal header from a corner has made a few more Gooners change their mind about the little Israeli.

Arshavin would have been the one fulfilling that role, with an injection of skill, penetration and the odd bit of magic to crack a hard defence allied with the nous to keep a small lead safe and control the game when needed. Alas the Russian, for whatever reason can offer us none of what’s needed, even Rosickỳ offers us much more from the bench.

I have to agree with the popular sentiment that it’s time for Arshavin and Arsenal to part ways. No one can say we didn’t give him a chance, and as for that silly idea that he is played out of position I ask where did he play for Zenith, and when he lit up the Euro’s where was he playing?

Sadly Arshavin has proven what I said in the run up to him signing for us

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Andrei is good but he also comes with a lot of baggage that is not really conducive to the atmosphere in the club right now. The Russian is on high wages, and is renowned for his parting and playboy lifestyle.

Early remarks about his tax situation had alarms bells ringing, as much as I would put down his form to money or lack thereof, there is the nagging feeling that he just doesn’t enjoy being in England. It may be a bit to restricted for the maverick that is Arshavin.

Observations about the game.

Just as we deserved more from the game against Manchester City, we surely deserved less from the Aston Villa game. That’s the nature of the game. We were at least equal to the league leaders when we played them yet we lost.

Last night Aston Villa was better than us, yet we win. Football is all about fine margins and last night the margin was in our favour. That margin could have been even greater had it not been for the usual incompetent Premier League refereeing.

Frimpong is not an adequate replacement for Song Billong. I get the character sometimes a club need someone like Frimpong, a joker in the pack, a fan favorite etc.

Take away the brand and you have a young player with a lot to learn on the pitch, if he can work on his game and improve year on year as Song has done the I’ll be fine. However at this point in time I’d go with the more, er, experienced Coquelin—Ok I’ve always liked Coquelin, but he is, more experienced—.

Francis filled in at Right Back and had to pass a stern test from N’Zogbia, before finding his feet and settling in the position. Our lack of fullback is severely restricting our attack especially now that the attacking thrust depends largely on the wingers.

Wingers who now have to concentrate more on supporting the fullbacks instead of the other way around. The return of any of our fullbacks cannot come soon enough. Hopefully we can hold out until then.

And with that, I say Au revoir. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below, you should also stay in touch by following @wengerball on twitter.

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