Of Falsehoods and Inaccuracies

Whilst it can be argued that Kompany was reckless, and the tackle was dangerous, what is more difficult to argue is that in this case Kompany used “excessive force” and that is the difference between a caution and a sending off.

Again fail to score chances at your own peril.

When referees fail to give blatant penalties, award fouls against your for non existent infringements, and your defence consists of 3 centre backs and a midfielder then chances are things will hardly go your way. Making it even more important to put away chances when they arrive, that way you have a cushion for when things inevitably go against you.

A few thoughts on Arsenal vs Wolves

A home game against Wolverhampton Wanderers seemed as good as any to make up ground in the race for the top, yet we again failed to capitalise on the stumbling of other challengers.

Yossi Why he should be ahead of Arshavin

Yossi Benayoun has always been a player I hated, when I heard the news that we signed him on loan, I don’t think there was an Arsenal fan who was happier than I was.

How Champions league money is distributed.

Except for the small amount earned for actual games played Champions league TV money has nothing to do with how many teams left in the competition at this stage and everything to do with your domestic tv market combined with how well you do in your league.

Easy 3 points from Wigan.

A mature, collective performance and in all honesty this is the kind of game we should be winning if we are to finish the season in the top 4. Anythin else would have been a travesty.

Carling Cup, so close yet so far.

So the Carling Cup has ended the opportunity for fringe players to get a run out. This time, whether there’s been a change in attitude, or was the quality of performance on display, or the cost of opposition, this time does not feel as bad as the others.

Van Persie makes up for the Cringeworthy Gervais.

Another game, another win. The Arsenal machine keeps steaming on. Wining on the road is not something we’ve done too often in the Premier league, before the Chelsea game we had won once in 11 attempts.