Champions League qualifying, Udinese 1st leg.

Arsenal went into their first champions league game having just lost their best player, their captain and best goalscorer suspended, their rising star midfielder injured, and 50,000 fans waiting for them to cock it up.

What is value in the transfer market?

History has taught us that in no way does price determine how good or bad a player can be. The price paid for a player is simply the product of negotiations between the two parties.

The Under-21 fallacy

So we are to believe that going to the under 21 finals next year is a necessary step in the education of young Jack Wilshere. Those who disagree with Wenger will point to a number of reasons why that’s the case. The most used refrain is to cite the current under-21 champions and how that […]

Goalkeepers end Arsenal title hopes.

For all his genius, one quality that Wenger lacks is the prescience that blesses every man and his dog, case in point the current goalkeeping fiasco.

Beaten by a much better team

We defended heroically –as heroically as you can with that infamous backline–but barça simply was too good for The Arsenal last night.

Arsenal edge closer to the title.

On the whole it has been a positive weekend for The Arsenal. Even if we were able to beat Sunderland, United might have beaten Liverpool and we would be 4 points behind instead of 3. In any case we still have to beat United when they visit us at the Emirates.

Nicklas Bendtner to lead Arsenal to glory.

Now that the injury omen has hit, it is the time for men to stand up and show some balls and no one in the squad has a bigger set than Super Nicky B.