Why does Arsenal get no respect at all?

Strangely, or predictably, the English consensus is that Arsenal will be lucky not to get a thrashing at the hands of Barcelona, yet outside of the British media the prognosis is much more in favour of an Arsenal win.

RvP – Remarkable, Virtuosic, a Premium striker.

This morning I’m thinking, damn that pass from Song to Cesc for the penalty was lush, Arshavin still better than Rooney, man we create lots of chances, if we were to play Barça today we’d spank those fuckers.

Champions league a 12 million pound draw

Romantic as it is to go out in a blaze of glory, the financial difference between going out in the round of 16 and losing in the quarter finals of the Champions League is massive. Meeting Barcelona in the Semi finals or losing in the finals could be a £25 million pound difference.

Arsenal still on form.

Both sides were shit, both contrived to give away the ball as often as they could without it looking too unprofessional, United simply edged it and 1-0 was no more or less than they deserved. Truth be told if that was between two mid-table teams we would be lamenting the shoddy football displayed last night.

Arsenal eases past Partizan to next round.

Thoughts turn to the round of sixteen, where there is a 50 percent chance of a meeting with one of the Spanish giants. The question now is whether it’s better to meet them earlier on in the draw or avoid as much as you can?

Solving the Arsenal defensive problems.

How to fix Arsenal’s leaky defence? Score more than the opposition scores against you. Keeping it tight and all that is fine, but isn’t keeping it tight and not scoring worse than giving up one or two goals and failing to score?