England was never going to get the World Cup

Despite the talk of Stadiums and technical reports and such, in Fifa’s —Sepp Blatter— eyes the most important consideration is taking the World Cup to new frontiers and on that point England was always going to be the loser.

Not quite the fightback we were hoping for.

We were shit, but I don’t believe we are a shit team, a win at home against Partizan will be enough to qualify for the next round. If Braga can get some confidence from their victory and go on beat Shakhtar then we could still win the group.

It was good while it lasted.

We knew that all it would end sometime, 17 years is a damn good run over your rivals.As much as it hurt in the end, we must admit, it was good while it lasted.

International Round up

With the exception of Wilshere and Bendtner all players should be back from their excursions injury free, which is the result we really look forward to during the international break.

Shakhtar preview, player wages.

Arsenal visit Shakhtar who can call their home a fortress. Since Oct 2008 Shakhtar has not lost a single home game in any competition.